Innovation Workshop “Blockchain & Smart Contracts"


It's time to roll up your sleeves again and work on innovative use cases for innovation projects! As part of our "Blockchain Summer" we invite our members to the InsurLab Germany Campus in Cologne on September 7, 2018 to our innovation workshop on the topic "Blockchain& Smart Contracts".

After short presentations on the topic and pitches of the four hand-picked startups, the participants come together in small groups to work intensively on possible applications of the preferred solution. The aim is to define concrete follow-up projects that ideally lead to a joint proof of concept (PoC) or pilot project. On the way there the participants are supported by experienced moderators of our member companies BCG Platinion, Bülow& Qvartz and crossconsulting.

The following start-ups await the participants:

    Gnosis builds new market mechanisms and enables the distribution of resources such as assets, incentives, information or ideas through decentralized platforms in the Ethereum blockchain. These can be created, traded and held within the blockchain. While the Gnosis forecasting platform enables everyone to create tailor-made forecasting applications, their decentralized exchange models contribute to the stability of the scalable token economy. Its aim is to set a new standard for the secure, user-controlled storage of funds with the "Gnosis Safe Wallet".

    The NEM Blockchain platform is comparable to Ethereum or Bitcoin and has been used by companies since 2015. It is characterized by the simplicity of development and the unique, slim design of the Blockchain platform. Companies can integrate NEM directly into their existing systems without having to create complex, new "smart contracts" or learn new programming languages. This leads to increased security, faster application development and better scaling. The NEM Foundation was established to teach about the NEM Blockchain and to support the blockchain development with consulting and training.

    NOS is the publisher of NEURO - a stablecoin defined as e-money and regulated by the EU, which corresponds 1:1 with the euro. The technology enables transactions to be carried out in three seconds and free of charge. NEURO can be used for payments, trading, investments or machine-to-machine payment solutions. NOS Stablecoins are environmentally friendly and consume 8 million times less energy than bitcoin transactions and 1000 times less than bank transfers.

    ubirch creates trust for devices on the Internet of Things with its blockchain. The ubirch procedure is comparable to the certification and sealing of a document by a notary. After that you can break the seal and change the document, but this process would be immediately visible to all parties involved. Unlike purely blockchain-based solutions, the ubirch process therefore guarantees absolute trustworthiness by making transactions visible within a few milliseconds after data measurement in the device. The solution can be easily implemented via firmware and controlled by a lean cloud backend, which is responsible for device management.

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