The Campus

Benefits for Start-ups
Rent-a-desk on our campus
prices for InsurTech startups starting at € 150 per month
Receive services valued at over € 25.000

InsurLab Germany e.V.

The Campus

Located in Cologne, the InsurLab Campus offers work spaces for up to 70 people. We are looking for a place where InsurTechs from all over the world can work together to grow and revolutionize the insurance world. 

Cologne is the place in Germany where the insurance industry comes together. Over 70 insurance companies with more than 26,000 employees are located in and around Cologne. Cologne is also a city with over 100,000 students and an international flair. The city offers optimal conditions for young entrepreneurs to start or promote their careers in the insurance world and the insurTech scene. The citizens of Cologne are known for their unique way of life and the "Kölsche Art" is ideal for national and international startups.


If you are looking to break into the InsurTech world, we are the best place to start. Contact us for more information: